Strategy and Services

On-Demand Competitive Bidding

We are an extremely competitive turn-key bidding solution, with a historical win rate of over 40% on in-market projects.  Our high success rate is due to a number of key factors:

  • Aptitude/Education – Our team members have degrees from top engineering institutions.
  • Diverse Experience – Tens of billions of dollars and decade’s worth of competitively bid construction procurement experience.
  • Solid Approach – In addition to standard construction bid procedures, our processes are developed further using economic, probability, game-theory, and risk management practices.

We only work for a handful of companies and are currently a relatively small specialized team.  The primary mission is risk management, followed closely by competitiveness.  At this moment we have the personnel to handle about $2 billion per year of bidding/budget capacity.

Conceptual, SD, DD, CD Budgeting & VE

We provide detailed conceptual/SD/DD/CD cost estimates requiring very limited information and utilizing our vast project experience.  Detailed MEP estimates are performed by estimators who also produce hard bids for MEP contractors so our pricing is based on current market conditions with access to vendor pricing support during the budget process.  Given that we perform lump sum bidding for GC’s we are able to stay up to date on current market pricing for all project scopes/trades.  We perform Earthwork cut/fill analysis to support sitework cost estimates. Value Engineering for all trades is also a strength.


Your department remains fully intact, and your personnel development carries on as normal.  We can be viewed as a strategic weapon.  Though, if there are staff members that don’t fit in your firm’s long-term plans for the department, we could pick up the slack on a permanent basis. Construction bidding, and staffing of a successful estimating department have inherent challenges that our services can address:

  1. Bid calendar and demand is not smooth – don’t pass on good opportunities, call us for a one-off bid.
  2. If your staff is not at the capacity you need – use our services until your department is back to full capacity.
  3. Good estimators may leave or can be hard to find.  If your staff is not at the quality level you desire – look at the weakest 20% of your staff and consider directing those budget dollars towards Piranha.
  4. Piranha can be used short-term in hopes of elevating competitiveness to break the slump.
  5. There is a job that is slightly out of the comfort zone for your estimating dept. in terms of scope or complexity, or it is on the fringes of your market. Tap into our resources, experience, and diversity, without having to over-staff your department.
  6. Your firm targets 3 to 4 jobs per year, rather than bidding volume. It can be difficult and expensive to keep an all-star estimating team on payroll for the whole year to attack those jobs when they come out to bid.  Piranha is on-demand.
  7. Many principals of smaller firms and start-ups perform their own estimating/bidding.  This can be counterproductive when time resources are scarce and owner/operators are spread too thin. We provide the quality on an as needed basis so you only purchase the estimating services you need.  We can share our processes with your team.
  8. Piranha’s additional support (and possibly competition) within your estimating department can motivate existing employees to their highest potential!
  9. PRICING – We will be more cost effective on large competitively bid projects than your in-house staff – GUARANTEED.  Pricing to prepare smaller bids and budgets will be in-line with industry standards and you will AVOID FULL-TIME EMPLOYMENT COMMITMENTS.  We can develop a fee schedule/model specifically for your needs.

The revenue side of a business is critical to its success and in the building construction industry revenues are often driven utilizing competitive bid procurement.  If processes and strategy can be optimized to elevate success and mitigate risk then value can be achieved.  Particularly in markets of large, complex projects risk management and optimal competitiveness are crucial for builders’ long term survival.